Hi, I'm Chad. 

I build learning experiences using creative

storytelling and intriguing designs. 


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Coming soon . . . but check out my progress in the meantime. 

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"His adeptness in crafting impactful learning journeys and enhancing performance is truly commendable. What's more, his proficiency extends to modern tools like Storyline and Vyond, showcasing his alignment with current educational methodologies. Notably, Chad's receptiveness to feedback adds another layer of distinction, making him an invaluable addition to any learning experience crew."

Dr. Tammy Kolski

USC Instructional Design Professor

"Chad curates learning experiences that are both inviting and intellectually stimulating, paving the way for ongoing exploration and revelations. Each element is meticulously fashioned, all the while maintaining a steadfast focus on substantive content and purpose. User-centricity and the progression of learning are paramount in his development process. Chad's growth in his field remains an outcome of perpetual reflection, solidified by research, keen observation, empirical evidence, and collaborative ventures. Whenever I showcase his work to fellow experts, it invariably leads to our own enlightenment, motivating us to enhance our methodologies, as Chad consistently sets higher standards."

Kirk Lindgren

Educator and owner of My Online Learning

"He has showcased the skill to captivate, embolden, and ignite his learners. He possesses a structured approach, a thirst for knowledge, and a keen design sensibility. Meeting deadlines comes naturally to him, and he crafts stunning publications with finesse. Amid the pandemic's challenges, Chad displayed adaptability, conjuring innovative methods to engage with his learners and steer them toward their objectives. As an educator of excellence, he is poised to significantly enrich any future team he becomes a part of."

Gayla Moseley

Math Interventionist