The Growth of an Instructional Designer

The abbreviated version  . . . 


Over the last thirteen years of developing learning experiences, I have learned to excel by finding solutions and reflecting on those actions. During that time, I have developed a rich skill set that which enables me to create meaningful course content, develop engaging learning activities, and produce comprehensive training materials across various settings.


I have always enjoyed delving into the intricacies of human cognition and learning patterns, whether through designing year-long track and field training plans, intricate experiential lessons, or delivering curated professional developments. My strength lies in cultivating captivating, learner-focused experiences that yield quantifiable outcomes. Over the last three years, my learners excelled 2-5 times over the national averages for learners in a similar setting. 

Recently, I have undertaken leadership positions that have given me the requisite skills to facilitate strategic plans and project initiatives. Task delegation, overseeing project deliverables, and offering colleagues guidance and mentorship are all roles in which I am continually growing and gaining experience.


I have cultivated a profound understanding of instructional design methodologies like ADDIE, SAM, and Action Mapping. Additionally, my proficiency in utilizing sought-after tools such as Articulate Storyline 360, Vyond, and Camtasia has increased my confidence in creating dynamic experiences.

As my professional journey progresses, I keep up-to-date with the latest learning trends by continuously exploring content, reading relevant articles, and active engagement within the learning and development community.


The longer version 

My journey has always been about bringing out the best in myself and learners through tailored training and experiences. 



The Seeds of Design


Looking back, athletics shaped much of my early career. In college, I competed in the decathlon and earned All-American honors multiple times. Although, I was, perhaps, the only athlete that stood on that podium having designed a good portion of my own training. It gave me confidence that I could design for others. 


My interest in facilitation and design only grew from there. I went on to be a successful collegiate and high school track coach, educator, and instructional designer. My life focused on how the human mind and body adapt to learning and new information. 

Using my combined love for learning and training, I started to thrive by creating learner-centered experiences that not only engaged but excited and produced fantastic results. 



Rooted in Pedagogy


There was a moment in 2018 when I decided to change my trajectory and committed to attend USC as a doctoral candidate in the field of Curriculum and Instruction. I wanted to deepen my understanding of all aspects of the learning experience. 


I experienced the transformative potential of eLearning and self-paced modules by partaking in USC phenomenal curriculum. I soon saw how instructional design had the ability to elevate the learning journey through elements like data tracking, self-paced learning, tailored feedback, and effective information structuring.


I was hooked and embarked on a journey of crafting my own experiential learning journeys in various mediums, whether that was micro-learning, self-paced e-learning, or revamping previous works. 


Reaching New Heights


Once I started gain confidence in my abilities as an instructional designer, I began to explore new territory by taking on leadership roles like 8th grade team lead chair and Mathematics department chair.

Both roles helped me develop leadership skills that allowed me to serve as a mentor for others while learning to develop and facilitate plans, manage tasks and deliverables, and track and analyze data.

Serving as a leader helped me understand how connecting with and understanding others was crucial to developing and delivering amazing learner experiences. My colleagues were subject-matter experts and working together, we were able to improve a variety of positive outcomes. 




The Fruits of My Labor


When you are on a journey of self-improvement, others can take notice. After refining my instructional design practices through data analysis, reflection, and re-iteration, my learning outcomes were transformed. 


Over the course of three years, I earned the following accolades:  

  • Star Teacher (April and May of 2020) - Deer Park
  • Teacher of the Month (2021) - Deer Park
  • Finalist for Teacher of the Year (2020-2021) - Deer Park
  • Teacher of the Month (2023) - Buist Academy


And finally, it culminated in 

  • Teacher of Year (2022-23) - Buist Academy


All of it was possible by learning and implementing systematic approach to creating meaningful and powerful learning experiences. 


My successes have made me yearn for greater opportunities . . . 


Shedding my old life


I am thrilled about the prospect of reaching wider audiences with my instructional designs. 


I’ve live a life of dedication to high performance, a knack for problem-solving, a passion for lifelong learning, and a love of design.


I’m ready to start branching out and using my skills to improve outcomes and drive efficiency.